Packaging of Helva with pistachio by Sebahat

Helva with Pistachios by Sebahat (est. 1987)

Just one year ago Helva with Pistachios seemed to be a pride of Sebahat, but recently (for unknown reason) this company decided to spoil it crucially. How? It was enough to increase the amount of sugar almost twice – from 21,9 g to 43 g. You may easily understand that such change impacted on the whole taste in a bad way…

From now on I can only recall the delicate sweetness and mild bitterness of Helva with Pistachios by Sebahat. It was really hard to resist the temptation of eating more and more of that treat. It used to be one of the best! Rich of pistachio nuts, soft and crunchy, savory and tasteful…

I feel so disappointed that formerly gorgeous Helva with Pistachios by Sebahat drowned in a sugar swamp. This halva is still not bad even now, but glory days are over. It’s simply too sweet now.

Slice of Helva with Pistachios by SebahatPrice: ~ 4,6 Eur (350 g package) bought in local Turkish store


sesame paste (55 %), sugar, glucose syrup, pistachios (8%), soapwort extract, acidifier: citric acid, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (palm oil), flavouring (vanilla).

Nutrition facts (100 g):

Calories 538 kcal/2242kJ
Fat: 33 g (of which saturates: 5,8 g)
Carbohydrates: 45 g (of which sugar: 43 g)
Protein: 12 g
Salt: 0,20 g

Helva with Pistachios by Sebahat (est. 1987)
Crunchy texture
Rich of pistachios
Too sugary
Quite expensive (13 Eur/kg)