Packaging of Achva Sugarless Halva with Fiber and Walnuts

Sugarless Halva with Fiber and Walnuts by Achva (est. 1929)

I bought Sugarless Halva with Fiber and Walnuts by Achva at random. All the information on its packaging was in Hebrew language, so only later the Google translate helped me to realize what I have got… To be honest, I would refrain from sugarless halva as such because I don’t like all those artificial sweeteners in general. But this unintentional purchase proved that I had some wrong prejudices.

After trying Sugarless Halva with Fiber and Walnuts I have to recognize loudly that it was incredibly good! Quite unexpected, but without sugar the taste appeared even stronger and clearer. Obviously, it was all about sesame and walnuts! Such mildly bitter combo seemed really delicious and almost irresistable. However, this halva was really nourishing, so it should be treated more as a snack than dessert. Bear in mind. What concerns the texture, it was quite oily and had a little bit sticky surface, but anyhow I could cut it with ease.

So I had only good impressions of Sugarless Halva with Fiber and Walnuts by Achva. That was a real bliss for halvamaniac like me.

Three slices of Achva sugarless halva with fiber and walnutsPrice: ~ 3,9 Eur (400 g package) in duty free shop in Tel Aviv


sesame seeds (50%), sweetener (maltitol syrup), dietary fiber (16%) (polydextrose, inulin from chicory), walnuts, hydrogenated oils (palm), saponaria root extract, emulsifier (soy lecithin, E471), calcium alignate (0.2%), flavorings.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 488kcal
Proteins 12 g
Carbohydrates 25 g
(of which sugars 1 g)
Dietary fibres 22 g
Fat 36 g
(of which saturated fat 6 g, trans fat 0,5> g)
Cholesterol 2,5> mg
Sodium 5 mg
Calcium 259 mg
Iron 3 mg

Sugarless Halva with Fiber and Walnuts by Achva (est. 1929)
Strong & clear taste
Rich of fiber
Very nourishing
No sugar
Not expensive (9,75 Eur/kg)
Contains palm oil
Quite oily texture