The confession of halvamaniac

To be honest I turned into the halvamaniac only few years ago. Somehow I spent decades of my life, not realizing what a divine treat I had overlooked… A heavenly dessert called halva! So you should not repeat my mistake! And this website is supposed to help you out with this. But, if you already found the truth in halva, you may be a guest, too. I welcome all the halva lovers here.

Why it took me so long to discover halva? The first thing that comes to my mind is… the location. In Lithuania (where I live) you would not be pleased by the choice of halva. We have here halva made from sunflower seeds and/or peanuts, but this one is a far cry from the gorgeous halva made from sesame seeds (or tahini)… Only after I traveled to Mediterranean countries like Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt or Greece, I figured out what real halva is about. Probably, if you live there, it is quite a regular sweet or snack. But for people like me the sesame halva means a discovery of rich and nourishing dessert, which is much more enjoyable than usual candies, pastries or chocolate bars.

I know now that halvamania just sneaked inside of me through the divine taste of sesame halva, caused the irresistible temptation for more & more of it and (I have to confess about it here) obviously made me happier. I found a sweet side of life!