Packaging of Macedonian Halva Espresso

Macedonian Halva Espresso by Haitoglou Bros. (est. 1924)

Recently introduced Macedonian Halva Espresso is one more praiseworthy product of Haitoglou Bros. I guess that all coffee lovers should be pleased by this novel flavor of the classic halva. As for me, such combo of two different tastes appeared very interesting and even surprisingly good!

Let’s state that espresso was the key note in this dessert. I have in mind the overall taste of this halva and even its texture which had rich and crunchy layers boosted with coffee aroma. The latter one was so dominant that I even couldn’t feel any bitterness of crushed sesame seeds… In a matter of fact, this treat was notably sugary and I had a thought that it reminded me… the chocolate sweets with coffee filling. I bet that 9 of 10 forefingers would not be able to recognize that they were eating halva if they had been taking part in blind test of Macedonian Halva Espresso 🙂 Nevertheless I simply enjoyed this delicate dessert!

Obviously, because of the very intense taste such halva should satisfy your craving for something sweet with only few shots… oops, I really meant – few bites! Anyhow, my advice is clear, don’t hesitate, you got to try that extraordinary Macedonian Halva Espresso!

Three slices of Macedonian Halva Espresso by Haitoglou Bros.Price: ~ 6 Eur (400 g package) at supermarket in Greece

Ingredients of Macedonian Halva Espresso:

tahini (crushed sesame seeds), glucose-fructose syrup, defatted cocoa (5%), palm oil, espresso coffee (1%), saponaria officinalis extract, flavor, vanillin.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy 2235 kj/536 kcal
Fat 32,2 g
(of which saturates 7,1 g, monounsaturates 13 g, polyunsaturates 10,9 g)
Carbohydrates 44,1 g
(of which sugars 36,1 g)
Fibre 6,5 g
Protein 14,1 g
Salt 0 g

Macedonian Halva Espresso by Haitoglou Bros. (est. 1924)
Extraordinary taste
Novel flavor
Good texture
Notably sugary
Contains palm oil
Quite expensive (15 Eur/kg)