Packaging of Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by Kandylas

Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by Kandylas

Have you ever tried the extraordinary Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by Kandylas? Believe me, you should. Usually people think that halva is a sugar-heavy dessert. And they are damn right. But what if I tell you that Kandylas managed to produce incredibly delicious halva which contains only 9% of sugar (when average norm is 35-40%)? You may not believe me, but you should 🙂 If curious, read this post about nutrition facts of this Mediterranean treat.

The taste of Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by Kandylas exceeded all my expectations. Regardless of a very small amount of sugar, this dainty seemed fairly sweet and very palatable. Crushed sesame seeds let me clearly feel a pleasant bitterness and I enjoyed the goodness of its crunchy, delicate texture. Yet, it was quite juicy because of tapioca syrup which was used as a thickening agent. Previously I never saw this gluten-free starch among the ingredients of any halva, but in considered case it fitted just perfect! Moreover, Kandylas have used only products of organic farming in Hand-made Whole Grain Halva what made it even more applaudable.

So, I think I just found a nearly perfect guilt-free dessert. Having in mind the great taste and minimized amount of sugar, this halva is worth of 5 stars indeed!

Two slices of Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by KandylasPrice: 8,19 Eur (400 g package) bought in local gourmet store

Ingredients of Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by Kandylas:

tahini (crushed whole grain sesame seeds), tapioca syrup (41,5%), sugar (6,6%), vanilla flavour.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 506 kcal (2125 kJ)
Fat 27,4 g (of which saturated 4,3 g)
Carbohydrates 55,5 g (of which sugars 8,9 g)
Proteins 9,3 g
Salt 0,1 g

Hand-made Whole Grain Halva by Kandylas
Great taste
Minimum sugar
Organic ingredients
Expensive (~20 Eur/kg)
Juicy texture
Awkward tray