Packaging of Allos Halva

Allos Halva

To begin with, a very high price of Allos Halva prompted the great expectations in advance. After all, usually we hope to indulge in some really delicious dessert when paying so much. And for that matter this treat proved its worth.

In fact, Allos Halva was made only from ground sesame seeds and honey, but its taste has been just perfect. Every piece of this luscious and pleasantly bitter dessert was so good! I guess it could please even the most choosy forefinger. Regardless of very small and thin package, the texture of this halva remained a bit crumbly and wasn’t very sticky (excepting the very surface). Yet, after the cutting it has become viscous quite fast, keep that in mind. But most likely such dessert would vanish in your mouth a lot sooner 🙂

Evidently Allos Halva is the perfect example that sometimes the simplest things are the best! You have to try it, guys.

Three slices of Allos HalvaPrice: ~ 2,5 Eur (75 g package) in gourmet store in Kiev

Ingredients of Allos Halva:

ground sesame (52%), honey (48%).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 533 kcal (2219 kj)
Fat 34 g (thereof saturated fatty acids 5,9 g)
Carbohydrates 40 g (thereof sugars 34 g)
Proteins 13,8 g
Salt <0,1 g

Block of Allos Halva

Allos Halva
Perfect taste
Luscious & bitter
Natural ingredients
Viscous texture
Very expensive (~33 Eur/kg)