Packaging of Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon by Papayianni Bros

Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon by Papayianni Bros (est. 1949)

Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon is a delicious dessert made from the natural ingredients only. It seems that Papayianni Bros decided to revive and to refine the receipt of the past times when halva had been produced simply from sesame seeds and honey. And the result of such efforts is a new sweet-scented treat in this Greek manufacturer’s assortment.

As you may guess, Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon is very savoury. The cinnamon not only has its own pungent flavour, herewith this spice considerably strengthens the distinctive taste of honey. Add on some bitterness of sesame seeds and you’ll clearly comprehend what to expect from this spicy dainty.

Actually, it seemed perhaps too sweet for me, but for this reason even a small portion of Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon was enough to feel the complete satisfaction. Having in mind antioxidant, immunity-boosting, anti-inflamatory, antimicrobial and all other considered benefitial properties of the separate ingredients, such delicacy should be rather appealing for all 🙂

In sooth, I’d not recommend to leave this treat in the sunshine or to store it for a long time after opening of the package. Its texture was quite juicy and gooey (obviously because of honey), so eventually it might become really sticky. Anyhow, Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon impressed me with the extraordinary taste and (very likely) you may have a new favorite after trying it!

Three slices of Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon by Papayianni BrosPrice: 3 Eur (250 g package) in local gourmet store


tahini (ground sesame), 42% honey, vegetable oil (palm oil), cinnamon, soapwort extract.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 545 kcal (2272 kj)
Fat 34 g (of which saturated 6,5 g)
Carbohydrates 42,4 g (of which sugars 36 g)
Dietary fibers 4,4 g
Proteins 15,2 g
Salt 0 g

Olympos Halva Honey & Cinnamon by Papayianni Bros (est. 1949)
Extraordinary taste
Stunning scent
Savoury & spicy
Natural ingredients
Not expensive (12 Eur/kg)
Gooey texture
Contains palm oil