Packaging of Kranaos Halva Royal

Halva Royal by Kranaos

Halva Royal by Kranaos was one of the most costly halvas, which I had tried so far (having in mind a ratio between the price and the weight). I bought this one because of the very nice packaging, driven by the strong curiosity what would be its taste.

And Halva Royal did not let me down! This sweet dessert was complemented with cocoa, almonds and raisins – very unusual mixture of extra ingredients. No surprise it had such intense and strong flavor. Apparently this halva was a very, very nourishing snack. Quite sugary, but with good bitterness of the tahini. And I liked the additional taste of the raisins in this sweet dessert. Almonds and cocoa were also very right addition, so it was a real pleasure to eat Halva Royal.

In fact, the texture was a little bit sticky, therefore I was able to cut it nicely only using a very sharp knife. Anyway, I must admit that I liked this treat presented by Kranaos. I guess you will enjoy Halva Royal, too, especially if you like raisins!

Three slices of Halva Royal by KranaosPrice: 2,60 Eur (75 g package) bought in duty free shop in Heraklion airport

Ingredients of Halva Royal by Kranaos:

tahini (sesame paste) 46%, glucose-fructose syrup 39%, almonds 5%, raisins 5%, vegetable oils (palm oil) 3%, cocoa powder 2%, soapwort extract, flavouring: vanillin.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 540 kcal (2260kj)
Fat 30,5 g (of which saturated 5,4 g)
Carbohydrates 53 g (of which sugars 41,5)
Dietary fiber 4,4 g
Proteins 13,7 g
Salt 0 g

Halva Royal by Kranaos
Very nourishing
Interesting taste
Unusual ingredients
Really sugary
Contains palm oil
Very expensive (34,66 Eur/kg)