Can of Macedonian halva with honey by Haitoglou Bros

Macedonian Halva with Honey by Haitoglou Bros. (est. 1924)

Halva with honey is the most initial version of this traditional dessert. Mixture of sesame seeds/tahini and honey was used in ancient Greece, Babylon or Rome with various intentions. In length of time there was found a cheaper replacement for honey sugar (which is most commonly used in making of halva these days). Anyway, even now you may find some kinds of this Mediterranean sweet produced using the old-time ingredients. For example, Macedonian Halva with Honey by Haitoglou Bros., which I bought in Greece.

To be honest, I feared that it could be a really sugary one. But I was surprised in a good way! Sure, this halva with honey was a little bit different from the ordinary, however I found it pleasantly tasty. This dessert just melted on the tongue, spreading the warmth in the mouth. And it was not so sweet as I had been expecting. Merged taste of Greek honey and crushed sesame seeds revealed in a very subtle way, so the effect was remarkable! And I enjoyed the bitterness of this halva – it was stronger than usual, but still on a perfect level. The texture of Macedonian Halva with Honey was very soft and quite crumbly, so it differed with more yellow color in comparison to usual halva. But, be sure, the taste of this treat was very good and exceptional (because of the honey). I think I would buy it again.

According to me, this one wasn’t a kind of halva which you might eat day after day, but from time to time you could savor it. So, Macedonian Halva with Honey is highly recommended, especially if you like honey.

Slice of Macedonian Halva with Honey by Haitoglou Bros.Price: 6,50 Eur (500 g package) bought in duty free shop in Heraklion airport

Ingredients of Macedonian Halva with Honey:

tahini (crushed sesame seeds), honey (49 %), vegetable oil, saponaria officinalis extract.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 534 kcal (2229 kj)
Fat 30
Carbohydrates 50,2
Proteins 13,3 g

Opened can of Macedonian Halva with Honey by Haitoglou Bros

Macedonian Halva with Honey by Haitoglou Bros. (est. 1924)
Exceptional taste
Stronger bitterness
Traditional ingredients
Pretty sweet
Quite expensive (13 Eur/kg)