Packaging of Handmade halva with almonds by Kandylas

Handmade Halva with Almonds by Kandylas (est. 1927)

It was a pleasure to try Handmade Halva with Almonds by Kandylas. It was packed nice and the taste of it appeared really good! The balance between sweetness and bitterness was perfect and I enjoyed the warmth in the mouth after eating this halva.

Let‘s mention the fact that the texture of it was similar to the best Turkish halva: quite soft, with some crunchy yarns and it wasn‘t oily at all. The taste also reminded more of Turkish halva, but it wasn‘t so sweet, therefore everything seemed to be right in place. Despite all the good things written, there was the one imperfection, which I should mention: the almonds were somehow overroasted. So the impression could be even better.

But anyway I praise Kandylas for making such a great handmade halva! I would buy it again, this means that I highly recommend it to others.

Two slices of Handmade Halva with Almonds by KandylasPrice: 3,40 Eur (200 g package) bought in Greek specialties shop in Crete


tahini (crushed hulled sesame seeds), glucose syrup 41%, sugar 5,5%, almonds 3,9%, vegetable oil 2%, artificial flavour (vanillin).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 547 kcal (2297,4 kj)
Fat 36,5 g (of which saturated 7 g, monounsaturated 14,1 g, polyunsaturated 13,8 g)
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrates 41 g (of which sugars 30,4 g)
Dietary fiber 4,2 g
Proteins 13,7 g
Salt 0,01 g
Calcium 232 mg
Iron 4,8 mg
Magnesium 63,2 mg
Phosphorus 402 mg
Zinc 2,5 mg

Handmade Halva with Almonds by Kandylas (est. 1927)
Superior taste
Good texture
Not very sweet
Expensive (17 Eur/kg)