Packaging of Tahinna halva by Zolotoi Vek

Tahinna Halva by Zolotoi Vek (est. 1998)

It was interesting to taste Tahinna Halva (plain tahini halva) by Zolotoi Vek. Ukraine isn‘t a country, where you expect to find tahini halva. But you may buy it there and it is available at very competitive price!

The fact is that Ukrainian tahini halva is few times cheaper than you are usually charged for Greek or Turkish halva. Lucky us, because it‘s quite good and not that costly! So, you pay less, but you get a decent tahini halva anyway.

Its texture was somewhat solid and it was quite crumbly, but in general I liked Ukrainian tahini halva pretty much. It had enough bitterness and was not very sweet (what I liked most of all).

Zolotoi Vek‘s tahini halva is produced using carline thistle root extract (instead of more usual soapwort extract), this should be the reason why it has the a slightly different, distinguishing taste. Definitely, you should try it.

Two slices of Tahinna Halva by Zolotoi VekPrice: ~ 1,2 Eur (270 g package) bought in local megastore

Ingredients of Tahinna Halva by Zolotoi Vek:

crushed roasted sesame seeds (56,6%), sugar, corn starch syrup, extract of carline thistle root.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Calories 525,2 kcal/2197,4 kJ
Fat: 33,2 g (from which saturated fat: 4,06 g)
Carbohydrates: 47,6 g (from which sugar: 34 g)
Protein: 13,6 g

Tahinna Halva by Zolotoi Vek (est. 1998)
Distinguishing taste
Not very sweet
Inexpensive (4,44 Eur/kg)
Crumbly texture