Packaging of Tunas Halvah with Pistachio

Tunas Halvah with Pistachio

My first review of Tunas Halvah with Pistachio was posted almost three years ago. Then this treat didn’t fascinate me at all. However I decided to give it one more try. So let’s check what did we get this time?

A brand new packaging seems much better than before – it looks nice and, in a way, aptly imitates the oriental style, I think. But more important fact is that the taste was improved, too. If previously it had some odd sourness, now Tunas Halvah with Pistachio presents everything you may expect from good Turkish halva. Imagine mild sweetness at the beginning and a warm bitterness afterwards… Soft but firm texture which is enriched by lots of crunchy Antep pistachios… Believe me, just few bits of this dessert won’t be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth 🙂

Apparently, nowadays I have to give more stars to the upgraded version of Tunas Halvah with Pistachio. Most likely you’d agree with me that this delicious dainty deserves a praise. Therefore I recommend trying it for yourself.

Three slices of Tunas Halvah with PistachioPrice: ~ 5 Eur (350 g package) in local Turkish store

Ingredients of Tunas Halvah with Pistachio:

sesame paste (min. 52%), sugar, pistachio (8%), soapwort juice, emulsifier (soy lecithine), acidity regulator (citric acid- E330), natural-like aroma (vanillin).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Calories 518 kcal
Calories from fat: 286 kcal
Fat: 32,14 g (saturated fat: 5,36 g, trans fat: 0 g)
Carbohydrates: 51,79 g
Protein: 14,29 g
Sugar: 35,71 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Dietary fibre: 3,57 g
Sodium: 71,43 mg

Tunas Halvah with Pistachio
Classic taste
Great texture
Rich of pistachio
Moderately sweet
Pleasantly bitter
Quite expensive (14,30 Eur/kg)