Packaging of Anaka Sade Kürek Helva

Anaka Sade Kürek Helva by Seviye Gida Ltd.

Handmade Anaka Sade Kürek Helva is an answer to the dominating mass production of large Turkish companies like Koska. It’s apparent that nowadays small local halva manufacturers may compete only while offering a better taste, a superior quality and more diverse selection to the customers. Nevertheless, they need to stick to the old traditions, recipes and even methods of making. So that’s a quite challenging task. But, if Halvas Drapetsonas succeeded in Greece, I believe it’s possible in Turkey, too.

Therefore I was excited to savour Anaka Sade Kürek Helva produced by boutique style manufacturer Seviye Gida Ltd. The Turkish title suggests that this dainty was made from the plain ingredients only and mixed with the help of wooden paddles before it had been kneaded by hands. Forementioned conventional technique makes halva to look more fluffy and it becomes pleasantly crunchy because of the undissolved sugar particules. Admitedly, the texture was perfect indeed: soft, but rather firm and not oily at all. I really enjoyed it. Also I was thrilled by the wonderful smell of this dessert. Believe me, you don’t have a chance to resist its spell 🙂

In terms of the taste, I think, Anaka Sade Kürek Helva might serve as a great example of Turkish halva in general. Yet, it was a little bit too sweet for me, thus I could not give the highest rating to such sugary treat. But if you are less sensitive to intense sweetness this pure & slightly bitter halva definitely won’t disappoint.

Two slices of Anaka Sade Kürek HelvaPrice: ~ 2 Eur (500 g package) in Turkey

Ingredients of Anaka Sade Kürek Helva:

tahini (sesame paste) (57%), sugar, emulsifier, soapwort extract, citric acid (acidity regulator).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 515 kcal (2155 kj)
Fat 28 g
Sugars 46,25 g
Proteins 10,5 g
Dietary fibers 4 g
Salt 0,2 g

Opened container of Anaka Sade Kürek Helva

Anaka Sade Kürek Helva by Seviye Gida Ltd.
Perfect texture
Wonderful smell
Slightly bitter
Inexpensive (~ 4 Eur/kg)
Particularly sweet