Packaging of Tahini confection with orange by Halvas Drapetsonas

Tahini Confection with Orange by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)

Tahini Confection with Orange reflects very commendable efforts of Halvas Drapetsonas. It seems that masters of this Greek workshop not only rely on the proven traditional recipes, but they also try to invent something novel in realm of tahini treats. Therefore I am sure that Tahini Confection with Orange should please all those who seek for some unusual halva.

This dessert was slighty flavoured with orange juice and enriched with pieces of candied orange, so it had some sourness which complemented general bittersweet taste. Every slice of this halva meant a real relish, I only wished it could have been not so sweet and less oily. The texture was quite soft, but with some hard layers of candied orange. Harder to cut, but in a way more extraordinary.

However, let‘s return to the main point that Tahini Confection with Orange was something good and somewhat new. I think you should definitely taste it!

Two slices of Tahini Confection with Orange by Halvas DrapetsonasPrice: 7,90 Eur (450 g package) bought from an online store in Germany

Ingredients of Tahini Confection with Orange by Halvas Drapetsonas:

tahini 53% (crushed sesame seeds), sugar, glucose syrup, orange 10% (orange, sugar, glucose, acidifier: citric acid, preserv.: sorbic acid, flavourings), dehydrated orange juice 3%* (concentrated orange juice, maltodextrin, natural flavourings), vanillin, Saponaria officinalis extract.

* 1 kg dehydrated orange juice comes from 8.5 kg of fruit. May contain traces of sulphur dioxide.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Calories 526 kcal/2208 kJ
Fat: 27,9 g (of which saturates: 2,8 g)
Carbohydrates: 56,5 g (of which sugars: 42,6 g)
Dietary fiber: 3,9 g
Protein: 10,2 g
Salt: 0,1 g
Iron: 3,2 mg
Magnesium: 185 mg
Phosphorus: 382 mg

Tahini Confection with Orange by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)
Novel taste
With candied orange
Quite sour
Rather oily
Very sweet
Expensive (17,55 Eur/kg)