Packaging of Hel-San Halva with pistachio

Halva with Pistachio by Hel-San (est. 1880)

When I tried Halva with Pistachio by Hel-San first of all it impressed me with the strong and intense taste. It was like a small feast for all the sensors in my mouth. I felt the rush of the sweetness, which was instantly supported by bitterness. The pistachio nuts also played an important role, enriching the whole taste.

This was a great dessert, which I could even entitle a benchmark of halva. It seemed that Hel-San preserved the old traditions of the 19th century, still making the halva as it have been made in the past.

The strong taste, the classic (soft, but solid enough) texture, the bittersweet warmth afterward and finally the smell of this halva – everything was so satisfying! The only imperfection – the pistachios were sprinkled only on the surface of this treat, not mixed in. But be sure, Halva with Pistachio by Hel-San was superb. Strongly recommended to everyone.

Slice of Halva with Pistachio by Hel-SanPrice: 3,30 Eur (300 g package) bought in local store in Turkey


sesame paste (not indicated %), sugar (not indicated %), glucose, soapwort, vegetable emulsifier (monodigliserid), acidity regulator (citric acid), Antep pistachio.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 570 kcal (calories from fat 310)
Fat 35 g (of which saturated 4,5 g), sodium 100 mg, carbohydrates 51 g (of which sugars 42 g), dietary fibers 3 g, proteins 15 g.

Halva with Pistachio by Hel-San (est. 1880)
Strong, intense taste
Perfect texture
Old traditions of making
Not expensive (11 eur/kg)
Pretty sugary
Pistachios only on top