Packaging of Halvas Drapetsonas Cocoa

Halvas Cocoa by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)

I finally got a chance to taste halva from the assortment of well known Greek manufacturer Halvas Drapetsonas. This is a hand made product that is not so easy to get. Lucky me, while spending my vacation in Crete I found it in one of the small shops on the market street of Heraklion. I bought Halvas Cocoa (halva with cocoa), which was packed quite simply, but looked presentably. By the way, all information on the container was available only in Greek language 🙂

This tahini desssert was really sweet, so the bitterness of it revealed itself only after last swallowed piece, as some unexpected finishing touch. The cocoa mixed into this halva was good and made it even more enjoyable. The texture was soft and crunchy at the same time, so it looked good and I could cut it with ease.

Notable fact is that Halvas Drapetsonas brand is greatly valued among the Greeks, so I recommend you to try this halva, which is being produced following the traditional recipe. It’s really worth of tasting (especially if you prefer sweet halva).

Slice of Halvas Cocoa by Halvas DrapetsonasPrice: 5,20 Eur (450 g package) bought in local store in Crete


tahini, sugar, starch syrup, cocoa (3%), vanilla.

Nutrition facts:

not indicated on the packaging.

Halvas Cocoa by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)
Traditional recipe
Soft, crunchy texture
Not expensive (11,55 Eur/kg)
Really sweet