Packaging of Halva Couverture by Filedem

Halva Couverture by Filedem

Halva Couverture by Filedem is another delicious hand-made dessert with a Greek origin. OK, this time it has a somewhat Belgian flavor too, because of the couverture, which was used to make it even more attractive for sweet-tooths like me. Who will mind the extra layers of chocolate in halva? 🙂

Perhaps this treat was a little too sugary for me, but I liked its taste in general. Strong notes of bitterness intertwined with pleasant sweetness in a very good manner, making Halva Couverture by Filedem truly enjoyable. The texture was quite sticky and flossy, so it had some kind of candy-like feel while chewing. Apparently, the extract of chuven also served as a distinguishing ingredient that defined a delightful overall taste.

On the packaging, I read that the recipe for this dessert dates back to 1900 and that it is being made by Eleftheriou workshop (which is based in Drama, Greece). This halva is kneaded by hand, “with the soul and the senses”  taking a prime role, as its real producers, the Eleftherios family, say.

Definitely, you should taste their Halva Couverture if only you have a chance! Special thanks to Filedem for bringing production of this local traditional craft to the shelves of supermarkets outside Greece.

Slice of Halva Couverture by FiledemPrice: 6,30 Eur (400 g package) in a Cyprus supermarket

Ingredients of Halva Couverture by Filedem:

tahini (hulled sesame seeds), glucose, couverture 12% (cacao, sugar, cacao butter, lecithin soya, vanillin), extract of chuven, low erucic-acid rapeseed oil.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 565 kcal (2363,9 kJ)
Fat 33,9 g (of which saturates 5,1 g)
Carbohydrates 43,1 g (of which sugars 29,9 g)
Proteins 11,8 g
Salt 0 g

Halva Couverture by Filedem
Strong taste
Couverture layers
Sticky texture
Pretty sugary
Quite expensive (~16 Eur/kg)