Packaging of Halva Kakao by Midyat

Halva Kakao by Midyat

To be honest I was hesitating for a long time should I ever publish the review of Halva Kakao by Midyat or not… The reason of such doubt was the fact that two times I had to throw that halva right to the garbage bin as it have had somewhat strange, synthetic smell and taste. I still don’t understand if it had been caused by the improper storage conditions or because of something else?

Anyhow it happened so that I accidentally bought Halva Kakao by Midyat once more. And that appeared to be the luckiest try. Surprisingly this time the taste of it was pretty good and I didn‘t feel any plastic smell which scared me in previous attempts. I liked the bitter sweetness of that halva and the texture of it was very nice – quite soft, but firm enough. Therefore I could easily slice Halva Kakao by Midyat into nice-looking pieces. Let’s state that the flavor of cocoa was also well-balanced (as it was present, but not dominant part of the whole taste).

After all I was left confussed. One time that treat was decently tasty, two times it seemed spoilt. So, let‘s say, it‘s a risky choice. This was the reason why I couldn‘t give a higher rate to Halva Kakao by Midyat.

Slice of Halva Kakao by MidyatPrice: ~ 3,6 Eur (350 g package) bought in local Turkish store

Ingredients of Halva Kakao by Midyat:

sesame paste (not indicated %), sugar (not indicated %), cocoa (not indicated %), citric acid.

Nutrition facts:

not indicated on the packaging.

Halva Kakao by Midyat
Moderately bitter
Not sugary
Great texture
Not expensive (~10,30 Eur/kg)
Shifting taste