Packaging of Tunas Tahini halva with cocoa

Tahini Halva with Cocoa by Tunas (est. 1989)

If previously Tahini Halva with Cocoa by Tunas was even not worthy of a review, the last time it stunned me in a good way! I bought this halva spontaneously, having no big expectations and just willing to try it again after a long break. And it made me wonder because of the much improved taste.

This halva was kindly bittersweet, enriched with nice layers of cocoa and pretty sugary, but I simply enjoyed it. Nothing ambitious, but still classic! The texture was quite dry, but still soft and so easy for cutting. The overall impression, which I had, was really affirmative. Having in mind the price and the quality, Tahini Halva with Cocoa by Tunas is a very competitive offer.

Two slices of Tahini Halva with Cocoa by TunasPrice: ~ 3,20 Eur (350 g package) bought in local Turkish store


sesame paste (not indicated %), cocoa, sugar (not indicated %), soapwort juice, emulgator, citric acid, natural-like aroma (vanillin).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Calories 510 kcal
Calories from fat: 267 kcal
Fat: 30,36 g (saturated fat: 5,36 g, trans fat: 0 g)
Carbohydrates: 51,79 g
(of which sugar: 35,71 g)
Protein: 14,28 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Dietary fibre: 3,57 g
Sodium: 71,43 mg

Tahini Halva with Cocoa by Tunas (est. 1989)
Classic taste & texture
Kindly bittersweet
Not expensive (~ 9 Eur/kg)
Pretty sugary
Quite dry texture