Packaging of Halvas Drapetsonas Tahini confection with Biscuit and Cocoa

Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)

I’d like to thank Halvas Drapetsonas representative in Germany, who made it possible to taste such sweet treats as Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa for halva aficionados even in more distant European countries. Otherwise it would be quite complicated to buy online the production of this famous Greek workshop 🙂 So, just after 10 days from order, I got Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa made by Halvas Drapetsonas on my table.

I was very curious to try this unusual “mix” of cookies and halva with cocoa, and it proved all my expectations, because it was simply… gorgeous! Let‘s admit the fact that this divine dessert was really sweet, but the overall taste occupied all my senses. It was good looking, soft and quite wet, and full of crunchy little pieces of chocolate-coated biscuits. Every bit of this halva left me wanting more & more of it!

Still, there could have been more bitterness (or less sweetness) in this Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa. Then it would have been just perfect (for me). Anyway, it was one of the fastest eaten halva in our home, this fact says a lot!

Slice of Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa by Halvas DrapetsonasPrice: 6,50 Eur (450 g package) bought from an online store in Germany


tahini (crushed sesame seeds) (55%), sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa with biscuit (15%) [sugar, sunflower oil, biscuits 25% (wheat flour, palm oil, whole grained wheat flour (14%), brown sugar, sugar, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate, ammonium bicarbonate), invert sugar, salt, flavours), cocoa powder (10% -12%) 17%, hazelnut paste, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavours], vanillin, Saponaria officinalis extract.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Calories 534 kcal/2243 kJ
Fat: 30,8 g (of which saturates: 3,4 g)
Carbohydrates: 51,7 g (of which sugars: 39,8 g)
Dietary fiber: 4,3 g
Protein: 10,4 g
Salt: 0,04 g
Iron: 3,5 mg
Magnesium: 170 mg
Phosphorus: 320 mg

Sliced block of Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa by Halvas Drapetsonas

Tahini Confection with Biscuit & Cocoa by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)
Not bitter
Great texture
Gorgeous taste
Really sweet
Quite expensive (14,44 Eur/kg)