Packaging of Kranaos Halva Vanilla

Halva Vanilla by Kranaos

When I saw Halva Vanilla by Kranaos on the shelf of the store, the price of it seemed crazy (2,30 Eur for 75 g!). But I bought it because of the very nice packaging. It looked & costed like it should be the best Greek halva ever, so I couldn‘t resist the temptation.

But I was kind of upset by this halva with vanilla. The taste of it used to be very ordinary: sweet and noticeably bitter. Let‘s state the fact that it was quite good, but I couldn‘t say I enjoyed it. The texture of this treat was too gummy and sticky, and the piece of halva, which was put inside the package, was so thin… It even looked strange – more like a some sample/example of halva than a piece to be served for dessert 🙂

As you understood, Halva Vanilla by Kranaos didn‘t impress me. So, it‘s up to you to decide if you want to try it by yourself.

Three slices of Halva Vanilla by KranaosPrice: 2,30 Eur (75 g package) bought in duty free shop in Heraklion airport


tahini (sesame paste) 52%, glucose-fructose syrup 45%, vegetable oils 3%, soapwort extract, flavouring: vanillin.

Nutrition facts:

not indicated on the packaging.

Halva Vanilla by Kranaos
Nice packaging
Ordinary taste
Very expensive (30,66 Eur/kg)
Gummy texture