Packaging of Baltin Sweet by Al Diwaniya Halwa

Baltin Sweet by Al Diwaniya Halwa (est. 1943)

Evidently Omani halva is very different from Turkish or Greek halva. It’s made from ingredients like starch (corn flour), red or white sugar and ghee, cardamom, saffron, rosewater, dried fruits and nuts. So there‘s no sense at all to compare it with a common tahini (sesame) halva.

This attitude helped me a lot when I got Baltin Sweet made by Al Diwaniya Halwa as a present from my friend. First of all, Omani halva appeared to be a very sticky and gelatinous sweet, so it was not easy to cut a nice piece of this dessert for a photo shoot. Secondly, it had a very strong flavor of cardamom and safron. As I like to add cardamom while making coffee, the aroma of this spice was very enjoyable to me. But if you are not used to it, this could be a small chalenge for your tasting receiptors.

Also I liked crunchy nuts and pieces of dried figs mixed into Baltin Sweet. Obviously, it was very sweet and nourishing treat, which is to be tasted with the cup of coffe or tea (as I would suggest to do). In case you feel an everlasting affinity to the fruit jams and loukums, the most likely you will appreciate goodness of this Omani halva.

Finally, Baltin Sweet by Al Diwaniya Halwa is praiseworthy for the sophisticated packaging. This was the most complex packaging of halva, which I have seen so far.

Slice of Baltin Sweet by Al Diwaniya HalwaPrice: unknown (600 g package) bought in Oman


starch, sugar, ghee, nuts, rose water, saffron and cardamom (not indicated %).

Nutrition facts:

not indicated on the packaging.

Baltin Sweet by Al Diwaniya Halwa (est. 1943)
Quite spicy
With nuts and dried figs
Unusual taste
Sticky and gelatinous
Really sweet