Can of Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio by Gulluoglu

Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio by Gulluoglu (est. 1871)

To tell the truth, only after tasting delicious Lalin halva (produced by Gulluoglu) I got the addiction to this Mediterranean sweet. I liked this confection before, but when I tried all three sorts of famous Turkish Lalin halva (plain, with cocoa and with Antep pistachio) few years ago, I was totally smitten with halvamania.

It seems to me now, that Lalin halva had a perfectly balanced bittersweet taste, which have been the most appropriate for a novice like me. It was not very strong, vice versa – the taste of it was quite mild. But I clearly felt the notes of the bitterness and the sweetness, while eating this halva, and I realised clearly what a heavenly pleasure I have just experienced.

The texture of Lalin halva was also very nice: soft, but still firm enough, and a little bit crunchy. I enjoyed every bit of it, what else to be said… After I tried it, I hardly imagined my day without a halva in the morning! Unfortunately, in my country there is a very limited availability of this dessert, so Lalin halva disappeared from the stores very quickly and it did not pop up anymore…

However, recently I got a can of Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio from Turkey, so I had a chance to taste it again. And it proved to be perfect! As I wrote above how great this treat is, I won’t repeat myself. But I may only add that its version with Antep pistachio could be a big joy for those who like these nuts. Why? Antep pistachios that grow in Turkey are smaller than usual, but they have a stronger taste, so you will be satisfied with special flavour of this halva for sure! In any case Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio is really recommended to everyone!

Two slices of Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio by GulluogluPrice: 3,5 Eur (200 g package) bought in local sweets store


sesame paste (52 %), sugar (not indicated %), fructose syrup, Antep pistachio (9%), emulsifier (mono diglyceride), saponaria root extract, acid stabilizer: citric acid (E330).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 543,38 kcal / 2271,35 kJ
Fat 35,86 g
Carbohydrates 42,52 g
Proteins 12,63 g

Can of Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio by Gulluoglu

Lalin Halva with Antep Pistachio by Gulluoglu (est. 1871)
Perfect mild taste
Nice texture
Rich of pistachio
Expensive (17,5 Eur/kg)
Pretty sweet