Packaging of Halva with Almonds by Lukeria

Halva with Almonds by Lukeria

In fact, Lukeria Ltd. mainly produces traditional oriental sweets: lokum (Turkish delight), pishmanie, dzhezerie or sudzhuk. But it turns out that this Bulgarian company also makes pretty good halva with almonds. I could bet you’d definitely enjoy such crunchy, slightly bitter and not over-sugared treat which I just tried.

As for the taste, it was more similar to that of Greek halva rather than Turkish, but somewhat lackluster. Though, quite solid and nougat-like texture had some signature Bulgarian style, I’d say. And you will see in picture below that Halva with Almonds by Lukeria was as photogenic as it was toothsome 🙂 OK, perhaps it won’t become everyone’s new fave, let’s be real, but I highly recommend tasting this Balkan sweet for yourself.

Two slices of Halva with Almonds by Lukeria Price: 4,50 Eur (350 g package) in supermarket in Sophia

Ingredients of Halva with Almonds by Lukeria:

sugar, sesame paste (46%), water, almonds (8%), foamer – soapwort extract, emulgator: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471), acidity regulator: citric acid (E330), natural flavouring – vanillin.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 566 kcal (2353 kj)
Fat 31,9 g (of which saturated 7,09 g)
Carbohydrates 37,23 g (of which sugars 23,87 g)
Proteins 15,83 g
Salt 0,09 g

Halva with Almonds by Lukeria
Nougat-like texture
Slightly bitter
Not over-sugared
Plenty of almonds
Not expensive (~13 Eur/kg)
Lackluster taste