Packaging of Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni Bros

Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni Bros (est. 1949)

Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni Bros simply stunned me with its new, surprising taste. I can assure that you would feel the same. But let me describe what made me cheer up in this case.

The striking smell of aronia and goji berries started tickling my nose right after the opening of the packaging. It was a clear sign that I have got to try something really special. And such expectations were met 100 percent! It’s obvious that the same two berries (aronia and goji) defined the whole incredible flavor. So you would not feel any usual bitterness of ground sesame seeds, because it have hided somewhere in the background. This halva seemed quite sweet, but it was not sugary at all. A lot of dried cranberries also added some pleasant acidity, which have enriched the whole playful taste of Olympos Halva with Super Fruits. Its texture was a little bit sticky and not so great for cutting. But that was the sole and quite insignificant flaw that I have noticed.

Two slices of Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni BrosMoreover, in review of this dessert I have to highlight some unique quality. It’s certain that Papayianni Bros not only thought about the great taste. Herewith the manufacturer highly increased the beneficial properties of this halva. Apparently, it was converted into the yummy dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It seems we could live forever if eating this treat daily 🙂 Let’s see what I found on the internet.

Goji berries: ability to strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight and liver health, lower cholesterol levels, provide cardiovascular protection, cancer prevention and protection from UV radiations.

Aronia berries: ability to improve digestive processes and eye health, protect the body against free radicals, help in weight loss, reduce inflammation, protect the immune system, prevent diabetes, slow the effects of aging, combat cancer, lower blood pressure.

Cranberies: ability to support good heart health, treat kidney, bladder problems, urinary tract infections and lung inflammation, fight cancer, promote weight loss, support good oral hygiene, slow down aging process, cleanse the skin and treat dandruff.

Sesame seeds: ability to improve digestion, blood circulation and heart health, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes and a wide variety of cancers, reduce inflammation, protect against radiation, boost respiratory health, aid in dental care, cure sleep disorders, build strong bones, eliminate depression and chronic stress.

OK, perhaps that part about the super powers of all these ingredients was too long 🙂 It’s up to you – whether you believe such things or not. However you may be confident that Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni Bros tastes just great! So this is a very recommended one.

Two slices of Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni BrosPrice: 3,5 Eur (250 g package) in local gourmet store

Ingredients of Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni Bros:

tahini (ground sesame), glucose-fructose syrup, 12% berries (aronia berries, goji berries, cranberries), vegetable oil (palm oil), soapwort extract, natural flavouring.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 530 kcal (2210 kj)
Fat 32,2 g (of which saturated 7,3 g)
Carbohydrates 43,2 g (of which sugars 29,3 g)
Dietary fibers 5,5 g
Proteins 14,2 g
Salt 0,1 g

Olympos Halva with Super Fruits by Papayianni Bros (est. 1949)
Surprising taste
Very aromatic
With dried berries
Not bitter
Rather sticky texture
Contains palm oil
Quite expensive (14 Eur/kg)