Packaging of Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory

Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory (est. 1980)

Tasting Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory was a real experience for me. And I bet you would feel the same. Honestly, I never saw such a flossy texture before! Just check the image bellow how it looked like.

Opened box of Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory

The taste of Halva Flaky also seemed extraordinary. It was quickly melting in the mouth like some cotton candy or candy floss, but at the same time I sensed a very clear flavor of tahini. Notably, this treat appeared to be extremely sugary, so just a few bits of it were more than enough to cater my sweet tooth 🙂 Therefore I doubt that you would prefer to indulge in Halva Flaky very often, too. Still, let’s admit the fact, that this dessert presented halva in some interesting and new form.

Finally, there’s one more thing you should know about the producer of Halva Flaky. In year 2009 Nazareth Factory managed to make the largest halva in the world. At the moment of writing this review Guinness World Records states: “The largest halva weighed 3,811 kg (8,402 lb) and was created by Nazareth Halva Factory (Israel), in Nazareth, Israel, on 14 October 2009. The halva is 206.4 meters (677.16 ft) in length, 46 cm (1.51 ft) wide and 3.5 cm (1.3 in) thick. The following ingredients were used in making the halva: sugar 810 kg (1785.74 lb), glucose and water 689 kg (1518.98 lb), cocoa 28 kg (61.73 lb), flour 2,120 kg (4673.8 lb), halva stem 137 kg (302.03 lb) and 100 kg (220.46 lb) of pistachio and pine.” You may check if this record is still not beaten here.

Quite impressive achievement, don’t you think so? I wish I was there on that day 🙂 However, it was somewhat classic halva served & awarded then, not the Halva Flaky one. That’s for sure.

Opened box of Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory (from different angle)Price: ~ 4,5 Eur (400 g package) in local store in Jaffa

Ingredients of Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory:

tahini sesame (60%), sugar, glucose, water, saponaria root extract, vegetable stabilizer (monoglycerides), acidity regulator (citric acid E330), flavor (vanillin).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 516 kcal
Fat 27,5 g (of which saturated 5 g, trans fattly acids <0,5 g)
Carbohydrates 57 g (of which sugars 47 g)
Dietary fibers 2 g
Proteins 10 g
Sodium 50 mg
Cholesterol <2,5 mg

Halva Flaky by Nazareth Factory (est. 1980)
Extraordinary taste
Flossy texture
Melting in mouth
Interesting form
Not expensive (~11,25 Eur/kg)
Extremely sugary