Halva with Chocolate by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)

Today let’s hash over the delicious Halva with Chocolate which is one more temptation created by Halvas Drapetsonas. When I found it on the shelf of a local store in Rhodes island there was no other choice, except of grabbing that good-looking box. The price didn’t matter. To be honest, I’m always more than excited to taste everything what comes from that traditional workshop of Greek halva makers.

So what did I get this time? Firstly, Halva with Chocolate pleased me with a very recognizable taste which had always been an invisible part of Halvas Drapetsonas trademark. Also that treat appeared to be pretty sugary, but it wasn’t surprising as it had been made with chocolate 🙂 In fact, there were no thick layers of chocolate or something like this, but its flavor was clearly perceptible. I should add that it even outshined any bitterness of the tahini in this sweet dessert. The texture was OK, too. Quite oily & soft, but still a little bit crunchy, so it seemed fairly enjoyable.

Anyhow, despite all the praises stated above, Halva with Chocolate have not put a spell on me. It was very tasty, nevertheless I would prefer some other divine treats of Halvas Drapetsonas. Have you tried Halvas Almond with Whole Grained Tahini & Brown Sugar or Halva with Chocolate & Almonds? If so, you already know what I mean!

Two slices of Halva with Chocolate by Halvas DrapetsonasPrice: 7,3 Eur (400 g package) at local store in Rhodes island

Ingredients of Halva with Chocolate by Halvas Drapetsonas:

tahini (crushed sesame seeds), sugar, glucose syrup, chocolate (10%) (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, vanillin), vanillin, saponaria officinalis extract.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 541 kcal / 2257 kJ
Fat 31,4 g (of which saturates 4,6 g)
Carbohydrates 51,9 g (of which sugars 40,4 g)
Protein 10,7 g
Dietary fiber 3,9 g
Cholesterol <0,001 g
Sodium (Na) 0,020 g
Iron (Fe) 4,4 mg
Calcium (Ca) 84,2 mg
Magnesium (Mg) 207,3 mg

Halva with Chocolate by Halvas Drapetsonas (est. 1924)
Trademark taste
Great texture
Not bitter
Pretty sugary
Expensive (18,25 Eur/kg)