Packaging of Halva Salonikios Almonds

Halva Salonikios Almonds by Meletiadis

Halva Salonikios Almonds is another sweet bomb throwed to the market by Meletiadis. But regardless of the great flossy texture I can’t favor this one very much. It’s obvious that the taste of all versions of Halva Salonikios is almost the same. So, in considered case, the addition of almonds instead of other nuts or cocoa makes the only noticeable difference.

This Greek halva is pretty sugary and has some pleasant bitterness, also you should find some whole almonds kneaded within. However I stay convinced that it would be better if various sorts of Halva Salonikios were more diverse. Perhaps that’s the main challenge which awaits Meletiadis in the future.

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Two slices of Halva Salonikios Almonds by MeletiadisPrice: ~ 2,3 Eur (250 g package)

Ingredients of Halva Salonikios Almonds:

tahini (sesame paste), glucose, sugar, hydr. vegetable oils (3%), almonds, artificial flavour vanilline.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 540 kcal / 2254 kJ
Fat 34,8 g
Carbohydrates 42,3 g
Protein 15,1 g

Halva Salonikios Almonds by Meletiadis
Flossy texture
Not expensive (~ 9 eur/kg)
Average taste
Pretty sugary