Packaging of Macedonian halva with pistachios

Macedonian Halva with Pistachios by Haitoglou Bros (est. 1924)

Macedonian Halva with Pistachios was supposed to be one more delicious dessert made by Haitoglou Bros, but (what a surprise!) it brought me some disappointment.

At first I couldn’t believe my senses, but bit by bit I figured out what exactly had been so odd. To begin with, let’s state the fact that this treat wasn’t bad, simply other sorts of Macedonian halva had tasted much better 🙂 Actually, in considered case two things were obviously missing – the bitterness and some characteristic flavour. Furthermore, that halva seemed too sweet and quite oily, and its texture was a little bit sticky. Thankfully, plenty of pistachios improved the whole impression and I could have valued it as some nourishing, crunchy and sugary snack.

Perhaps I got some improperly stored item, but more likely it was supposed to be like this. Therefore I should repeat what was written above – I think that any other halva by Haitoglou Bros definitely outclasses Macedonian Halva with Pistachios.

Three slices of Macedonian halva with pistachiosPrice: ~ 7 Eur (400 g package)

Ingredients of Macedonian Halva with Pistachios:

tahini (crushed sesame seeds), glucose-fructose syrup, pistachios (7%), palm oil, saponaria officinalis extract, vanillin.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 548 kcal (2283 kj)
Fat 33,8 g (of which saturated 6,4 g, monounsaturated 14,2 g, polyunsaturated 11,8 g)
Carbohydrates 43,6 g (of which sugars 35,8 g)
Proteins 14,5 g
Dietary fibres 5,6 g
Salt 0 g

Macedonian Halva with Pistachios by Haitoglou Bros (est. 1924)
Plenty of pistachios
Nourishing & crunchy
Very sugary
Not bitter
Quite oily
Expensive (17,5 Eur/kg)