Can of Handmade Halva Almonds by Argoudelis

Handmade Halva Almonds by Argoudelis (est. 1919)

Honestly, I expected more from Handmade Halva Almonds by Argoudelis… Its taste was quite good, but I had an impression that sweetness dominated too much. This halva was rich of whole almonds, but bitterness was too faint. And I was surprised that the texture of it was so crumbly. Truly, it was not an easy job to cut the nicely looking piece for the illustration photo.

The packaging of this halva was much better than the taste, which was obviously spoiled by some specific aftertaste (I guess it could come either from the oil used in production of this halva or from the metallic can).

It might be that you would love this Handmade Halva Almonds by Argoudelis, but you better try much superior Handmade Halva with Greek Pistachio Kernel made by the same producer.

Two slices of Handmade Halva Almonds by ArgoudelisPrice: 8 Eur (500 g package) in the internet shop


tahini, sugar, glucose, almonds (12%), hydrogenated vegetable oil, saponaria officinalis root extract.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Calories 529 kcal / 2221 Kj
Protein: 14,4 g
Carbohydrates: 51,9 g
Fat: 29,3 g

Handmade Halva Almonds by Argoudelis (est. 1919)
Plenty of almonds
Nice packaging
Really sweet
Specific aftertaste
Quite expensive (16 Eur/kg)