Packaging of Lalin halva with cocoa

Lalin Halva with Cocoa by Gulluoglu (est. 1871)

As I wrote earlier, my downfall to halvamania started when I had tried different kinds of amazing Lalin halva (made by Turkish producer Gulluoglu). All of them were really enjoyable, but Halva with Cocoa was my favourite one. So I felt very happy when I found it again on the shelf of local sweets store after a long period of absence.

You should not miss a chance to savor this halva, too! It is pretty sweet, but stands out because of some subtle mild bitterness of sesame seeds. You will enjoy a light flavor of cocoa, which completes the perfect taste of this halva. Its texture is quite soft, but still firm enough. Therefore you may easily cut it and serve on the plate with a cup of tea or coffee.

So, if you want to please your sweet tooth, Lalin Halva with Cocoa is an absolutely right choice!

Two slices of Lalin Halva with Cocoa

Price: ~ 1,95 Eur (200 g package) bought in local sweets store

Ingredients of Lalin Halva with Cocoa:

sesame paste, sugar, fructose syrup, cocoa powder (4%), emulsifier (mono diglyceride), saponaria root extract, acid stabilizer: citric acid, natural aroma (vanillin).

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 533,58 kcal / 2230,39 kJ
Fat 33,73 g
Carbohydrates 45,72 g
Protein 11,76 g

Lalin Halva with Cocoa by Gulluoglu (est. 1871)
Mild taste
Great texture
Not expensive (9,75 eur/kg)
Pretty sweet