Packaging of Elomas halva with cocoa

Elomas Halvas with Cocoa

I felt really pleased after trying Elomas Halvas with Cocoa! To be precise, it was made by renowned Papayiannis Bros for Elomas super markets chain. This was an outstanding halva!

Inside of very modest packaging I found a superb dessert. It was not sweet (quite unusual for halva), but very tasty: the bitterness of tahini and cocoa gave an amazing effect, which was not killed by too much sugar. It seemed that Papayiannis Bros have used the cocoa which have had much stronger taste (than usual), and this turned out into a huge advantage.

The shape and the texture of Elomas Halvas with Cocoa also deserves a praise: it was so easy to cut and it looked really good. Definitely noteworthy halva! I recommend it to everyone, especially if you like not sugary treats.

Slice of Elomas Halvas with CocoaPrice: 3 Eur (400 g package) bought in supermarket in Crete


tahini (sesame paste), glucose-fructose syrup, 2% cocoa powder, palm oil, soapwort extract, vanillin.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Fat 35,1 g (of which saturates 8,6 g), carbohydrates 40,8 g (of which sugars 32 g), dietary fiber 2,7 g, proteins 15,3 g.

Energy: 545 kcal (2269 kj)

Elomas Halvas with Cocoa
Not sweet
Rich of cocoa
Nice texture
Inexpensive (7,5 eur/kg)
Contains palm oil
Dull packaging