All reviews on Halvamania are based on my subjective opinion.

Another important thing is the condition of each reviewed item. If halva was stored in the heat or in the cold or under the direct sunshine, it could have lost natural quality or simply could have become bad. So, in all cases when it is obvious to me that halva is not eatable, it will not be reviewed. But it may happen that the bad storage conditions didn‘t leave the notable signs and this could be the reason of the worse product‘s evaluation than it deserved. Having all this in mind, do not take my reviews as a final verdict for any halva. You should have your own opinion.

I assure you that Halvamania do not accept any payments for the published reviews. There is no difference, whether I bought / got halva myself or received a sample from halva manufacturer, the reviews will reflect my fair and honest point of view.

You may express your opinion about each reviewed halva in the comments or leaving your rate as a reader. But, if you represent the company, which is anyhow linked with the reviewed halva, please indicate this clearly, leaving a feedback. Failure to do so may result in not publishing or deletion of your comments.

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