Packaging of Halvah with Pistachio by ALGOTA

Halvah with Pistachio by Algota

Spicy, that’s the most accurate word to describe Halvah with Pistachio by Algota. In general, we are used to some bitter sweetness of this Mediterranean dessert, but in the Middle East it gets much more additio... Read More...
Packaging of Halva Kakao by Midyat (package)

Halva Kakao by Midyat

To be honest I was hesitating for a long time should I ever publish the review of Halva Kakao by Midyat or not... The reason of such doubt was the fact that two times I had to throw that halva right to the garb... Read More...
Packaging of Marble halva by Achva

Marble Halva by Achva (est. 1929)

First of all, Marble Halva by Achva has nothing common with limestone, except the title and some visual likeness. Secondly, that’s a really good Israeli halva with cocoa and delicate flavour of vanilla. I loved... Read More...
Packaging of Almond Halva by Attiki

Almond Halva by Attiki (est. 1928)

It seems that Almond Halva by Attiki has all the wholesome flavor you crave. Some temperate bitterness, some desired sweetness and plenty of almonds will leave you wanting more! Moreover, a little bit sandy (bu... Read More...
Packaging of Vanilla flavoured halva by Baktat (package)

Vanilla Flavoured Halva by Baktat

For me Vanilla Flavoured Halva by Baktat was a great example of the simple yet superb product. Sweet enough, significantly bitter snack with a perfect texture - it had all main qualities of halva bar which you ... Read More...
Packaging of Halva Almonds by Matis

Halva Almonds by Matis (est. 1898)

You can’t go wrong with Halva Almonds by Matis. There’s a reason this Greek workshop stands the test of time. Established in 1898 (!) and still on track to provide us with really delightful treats. So believe m... Read More...