Reviews regularly reviews and rates halva made by various producers from different countries.

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Picture of Halva with Almonds by Lukeria (packaging)

Halva with Almonds by Lukeria

In fact, Lukeria Ltd. mainly produces traditional oriental sweets: lokum (Turkish delight), pishmanie, dzhezerie or sudzhuk. But it turns out that this Bulgarian company also makes pretty good halva with almond... Read More...
Picture of Tunas Halvah with Pistachio (packaging)

Tunas Halvah with Pistachio

My first review of Tunas Halvah with Pistachio was posted almost three years ago. Then this treat didn’t fascinate me at all. However I decided to give it one more try. So let’s check what did we get this time?... Read More...
Picture of Israeli Halva by Yoffi (package)

Israeli Halva by Yoffi

It seems that Israeli Halva by Yoffi is unbeatable in the terms of perfect packaging. A tall, well-designed paper box with the transparent pane contains three tiny jars stacked on top of each other. They are fi... Read More...
Allos Halva (picture of package)

Allos Halva

To begin with, a very high price of Allos Halva prompted the great expectations in advance. After all, usually we hope to indulge in some really delicious dessert when paying so much. And for that matter this t... Read More...