If you want to cure a sweet tooth in Bulgarian way, then Sesame Halva Targovishte with Almonds and Cranberries is a good choice. Most likely, this pretty sugary but pleasantly bitter treat won’t disappoint any of you (at least I guess so).

To begin with, its taste was quite usual and very simple: just tahini, sugar and mild vanilla aroma. The whole almonds and cranberries were used more as an adornment, so I didn’t consider them. However one special ingredient made this halva stand out. I mean “chuven” which is better known elsewhere as Chenopodium bonus-henricus. This plant occurs to be a widespread remedy in Bulgarian folk medicine and extract of its root is commonly used in production of halva, too. Moreover, I heard that “chuven” has even been recognized by Bulgarian legislation as a medicinal plant. You may find various information about its benefits online. In any case, the flavor of “chuven” roots extract seemed very appropriate, therefore I thought that Sesame Halva Targovishte with Almonds and Cranberries have had a quite customary taste.

All right, now let’s turn to the exterior part. Each slice of this halva was decorated either with a whole almond or with a dried cranberry. As for me, it looked rather odd than fancy. But it’s up to you to decide 🙂 Anyhow I felt more concerned about the brown fragile tray which have hold this dessert inside the paper box. It appeared to be shattered at the edges, so lots of plastic splinters have been scattered all around and even on the top of this halva. You may see in the picture below how it looked like. For that matter its producer Tersnab – Targovishte Ltd could find some safer and more durable packaging solution, I think.

Picture of Targovishte Sesame Halva with Almonds and Cranberries (in the tray)

What’s more? The texture of Sesame Halva Targovishte with Almonds and Cranberries appeared to be quite firm and somewhat chewy. So it’s pretty clever that this dessert was made up already pre-sliced. Anyhow, it could have been more softer and less sticky.

In the end I’d like to state that, despite aforementioned packaging issues, Sesame Halva Targovishte with Almonds and Cranberries impressed me in rather good sense. Having in mind its modest price, this dainty is really worth of trying.

Picture of Targovishte Sesame Halva with Almonds and CranberriesPrice: 2,30 Eur (180 g) bought in supermarket in Bulgaria

Ingredients of Sesame Halva Targovishte with Almonds and Cranberries:

tahini (50%), sugar, almonds (0,5%), cranberries (0,5%), flavoring: vanilla, chuven roots extract and citric acid.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy: 585 kcal (2437 kj)
Fat 38,05 g (of which saturates 10,35 g)
Carbohydrates 46,16 g (of which sugars 42,46 g)
Proteins 14,39 g
Salt 0,23 g

Sesame Halva Targovishte with Almonds and Cranberries by Tersnab – Targovishte Ltd
  • Pretty sugary
  • Pleasantly bitter
  • Simple taste
  • Chewy texture
  • Brittle packaging
  • Not expensive (~13 Eur/kg)
3.5Overall Score
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